Brain Informatics 2022 – My oral communication

Ever wondered how to quantitatively compare feature importance produced by Machine Learning algorithms?

In this new work presented at the Brain Informatics 2022, we introduce the Rank-Biased Overlap (RBO) as similarity measure for comparing rankings of features ordered by their importance. We used the automatic classification of Parkinson’s disease as case study.

Take a look at my recording if you are curious!

MatLab Mobile App

I really don’t like MatLab but an undergraduate student is working on it. She’s trying to integrate it on KNIME so to using MatLab together with K-Surfer, and honestly we are having a lot of issues. While googling for a solution, I’ve found the mobile version of MatLab and, yep, it’s completely useless (and free) but it’s so nerd 😀

You need to have a MatLab version on your laptop and to connect the IPhone to the laptop; it’s a simple procedure, just a couple of minutes to set everything!

However, at the end, I’m still trying to use MatLab snippet on KNIME without success…

F1000: a nice place for sharing scientific presentations and posters

During the Neuroinformatics conference in Leiden, just few days ago, I’ve discovered this new web site F1000, where you can upload (for free) your scientific resources.

For example, I’ve added the poster on K-Surfer I’ve presented at that conference.

Well, I can only say that it is a nice site, I’ve not used it enough for a more enthusiastic comment 😀