Brain Informatics 2022 – My oral communication

Ever wondered how to quantitatively compare feature importance produced by Machine Learning algorithms?

In this new work presented at the Brain Informatics 2022, we introduce the Rank-Biased Overlap (RBO) as similarity measure for comparing rankings of features ordered by their importance. We used the automatic classification of Parkinson’s disease as case study.

Take a look at my recording if you are curious!

Waiting for the MICCAI 2014

I’m going to leave for Boston in few days, and I’m really excited ’cause I’ll present my new work on advanced feature selection at the MIT!

The MIT, a place I’ve only dreamed on 🙂 

Anyway, my work has been accepted at the MICCAI 2014, in the contest of the CADDementia challenge.

If you want more details about my algorithm, I’m writing the official wiki page of the competition.