Mac control remote for Spotify

Well, today I decided to take a break by wearing my bluetooth headphones and just listening to the music on my bed, and…damn, the apple remote control does not work with Spotify :S

The shuffle mode is not a good idea if you are away from the laptop 😀

Thus, I solved my big big big problem by simply installing this little plugin

and ta-da, shuffle mode you don’t scare me anymore!

F1000: a nice place for sharing scientific presentations and posters

During the Neuroinformatics conference in Leiden, just few days ago, I’ve discovered this new web site F1000, where you can upload (for free) your scientific resources.

For example, I’ve added the poster on K-Surfer I’ve presented at that conference.

Well, I can only say that it is a nice site, I’ve not used it enough for a more enthusiastic comment 😀


Waiting for the MICCAI 2014

I’m going to leave for Boston in few days, and I’m really excited ’cause I’ll present my new work on advanced feature selection at the MIT!

The MIT, a place I’ve only dreamed on 🙂 

Anyway, my work has been accepted at the MICCAI 2014, in the contest of the CADDementia challenge.

If you want more details about my algorithm, I’m writing the official wiki page of the competition.

The 2014 International Conference on Brain Informatics and Health

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Warsaw for the BIH 2014. Wonderful city, friendly people and tasty food!

I’ve presented my novel (and cool 😀 ) KNIME plugin, K-Surfer during the Special Session on Neuroimaging Data Processing Strategies.

I really appreciated the talks, especially the Prof. Holzinger‘s one. He’s a great speaker with a special humor 🙂

By the way, as usual, during my talk, they took horrible pictures of me handling the microphone like an ice cream -_-“


P.S. A part from the conference, I returned a child visiting the Copernicus Museum of Science!